1. The Bandolier by SSCY. Williamsburg Bridge. NYC. See you next year Summer. We miss you already.

  2. New colors and restock of the half tone. Salt white. Pool Blue. Pool Blue/Charcoal Black.

  3. Sunday June 1. Pop up shop. Williamsburg Brooklyn. Come by and say hi.

  4. As we finally emerge from a long and heavy winter we premiere two new colors for our convertible tote/backpack bag the Tack in Rockaway Beach Khaki and Fort Greene Olive. Fear not, spring is on it’s way, my friends.

  5. Texture & landscape studies of the Tack bag at the New York factory.

  6. Justin / Freelance Designer 

    Photograhy: Parker Feirerbarch www.pbachphotography.com

    Tack bag by SSCY


  7. Michael/Interior Designer 

    Wearing SSCY  Bandolier 

    Carry a sandwich, a map, an extra shirt, a camera, your ebook, a drink, an extra tube and still have room thanks to the diagonal expandable pleat. The best part of the patent pending Bandolier is that you can always easily access either pouch on the fly without ever taking off the bag or dismounting from your bike by just swinging the bag over your shoulder.

    Photography by:  Parker Feierbach



  8. The Sock Hop X SSCY Party  @ Beverly’s 

    Photography: Parker Feierbach

  9. #nyfw #newyorkfashionweek

  10. Omino

    Founder at Saints New York

    SSCY Two-tone Tack bag Charcoal Black/Pool Blue www.sscy.org 

    Photography: Parker Feierbach